Robert Smith,Chef/owner
The Old 5Mile House

“Mollie Wilmot is a gifted therapist with a rare combination of high professionalism, vast experience and a huge understanding heart.”


Joanna Robinson, Board Chair, Hospitality House
Nevada County Community Shelter for the Homeless

“Just five minutes with Mollie Wilmot is enough to feel the effects of her remarkable ability to comfort and heal. Her compassion is heightened by a gloriously intuitive but focused intelligence and by a wisdom born of experience and willingness to go deep. In her presence I know I am seen and valued; I rely on her unfailing encouragement and I trust her completely.”


Matthew Osypowski, MA, MFA
Bartender, The Old Five Mile House

“I have known Mollie Wilmot for three years now, during which time I have seen her to be a faithful teacher, a great listener, an honest advisor, and a friend to any number of lost souls in desperate need. She is gentle and strong. I trust her absolutely.”


 Dianna Hill 

“Mollie Wilmot with compassion steps into a situation with professional poise. Her ability to help negotiate issues in a critical time for myself was an attribute of her professionalism. Her strengths became my strengths as she focused on the issues receive, gathered information to achieve the best possible answer for the situation at hand.”


Cindy Maple, Executive Director
Hospitality House Community Shelter   

“In the several years I’ve known Mollie, I’ve known her to be a powerful advocate and support to homeless individuals in our community.  She is articulate, observant, and has a deep compassion for anyone struggling or in pain.  On a personal level, Mollie has been a nurturing, insightful coach who has helped to guide me through some very difficult times in my life.  I trust Mollie to hold everything I say in confidence and I know that when I share personal issues with her, she will respond with understanding and will provide me creative solutions.”


Chad Conner Crow
Local Musician, Poet and Social Activist

“I’ve always been most impressed with Mollie Wilmot’s ability to meet the person where they are on any societal level. Whether it’s a friend or advisement in counseling she always carries her authenticity and ideals intact.

A transformation comes in individuals when they decide they want to try and Mollie can offer the necessary self-empowerment tools for individuals to own their healing process offering a potent foundation of lasting depth and quality. The ability to help one heal oneself is an invaluable resource that she possesses.

She has a glorious sense of understanding people regardless of their social status. Her methods of compassion compounded with a valuable education make for a potent system of facilitating self worth and realization in others.”


John D. Schema
Property Transformations, LLC

“Mollie Wilmot helped me manage my emotional energy and get clear around the critical elements that were about to significantly shape the quality of my life experience as I entered a legal dispute over the sale of real property.

Mollie was there for me every time I needed general advice, support, compassion and an understanding ear.  She helped me remain calm, diffuse my anger and place the issues before me into proper perspective.  She helped me edit and organize my documents, and stood next to me as an advocate in the courtroom.

She has been a great help in managing other delicate relationship issues as well.  I have no hesitations in recommending her to anyone in need of a wise, educated, compassionate ear and some good sound advice.”