Mollie Sharkey-Wilmot, PhD.,
Relationship and Family Counseling 

Coaching and Counseling Agreement

I am a Life Coach and Relationship Counselor to individuals and professionals seeking to advance their development and enhance their lives. I have an MSc in Occupational and Industrial Psychology, a MA in Counseling Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. I have worked as a Management Consultant in England and have also practiced as psychotherapist firstly in England and later in the Bay area.

As your Coach and Counselor I use coaching skills and techniques to focus on self-development and not therapy skills that focus more on the treatment of pathology. You as a client will be challenged in some areas to find your strengths and to steer you to work on weaknesses you may identify. Patterns may be found in the way you currently operate. You may be encouraged to examine these and to find alternative ways of operating. You may find the work challenging request. If you feel discomfort with any of it please feel free to discuss and we will process it.


All information disclosed to me is kept confidential. If I need to consult with another professional regarding you, I will ask you to sign a written consent to release information before I do so.


My fee for professional services is at the rate of $100 per hour. Reading your emails is free of charge. There will be a one time non-refundable deposit of $50 upon accepting the terms below. Then you will pay in hourly, half-hourly or quarter-hourly segments as we work.  Please pay online using the buttons on the Fee Page.


You have the right to terminate any time. I may terminate under certain circumstances.

1.  If you have achieved your goals.

2.  If we determine that Coaching and Counseling is not benefiting you.

3.  If you do not comply with the terms of agreement we have made and signed.

I have read, understood, and agree to the above terms. Furthermore, I understand that you are also licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist but that the service I am seeking and receiving from you is Coaching and Counseling and that you will be using Coaching and Counseling skills and not those used to treat pathology.

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