Its best for you to be as precise and as accurate as possible in your communication from the outset so as to minimize the length of time it will take.

Dr. Sharkey-Wilmot charges at the rate of $100 per hour. There is a one-time nonrefundable deposit of $50. Half hourly segments of work will be charged at $50, 15 minutes segments at $30 and an hourly charge of $100. I will email you to make the appropriate payment as we work.

Length of time to solve the problem will vary from problem to problem but most things will take about four to ten half hour sessions. Should you require more because a new issue arises or you think of another issue you would like to work on we can continue at the half-hourly rate wonder.

Often it may take two or three emails to clarify and zero in on the issue. This will involve me asking questions or asking you to complete a form, which I will send via email, in response to your first email. You may email back the information requested in the form.

Please Click on the correct Session and then the Buy Now Button to Pay for Your Session.
Thank you.   Mollie