Ready to Listen

“I love to help and am waiting to get your email. You will have confidentiality and the most sincere assistance available.”  Mollie

As your Coach and Counselor I use coaching skills and techniques to focus on self-development and not therapy skills that focus more on the treatment of pathology. You as a client will be challenged in some areas to find your strengths and to steer you to work on weaknesses you may identify. Patterns may be found in the way you currently operate. You may be encouraged to examine these and to find alternative ways of read. You may find the work challenging. If you feel discomfort with any of it please feel free to discuss and we will process it.

What Mollie Believes About the Person

Mollie believes that everyone is born with great potential. Some unfortunately meet with difficulties in childhood that lead them on problematic routes through their lives. Through no fault of their own they get into situations that become overwhelming for them and send them on a downward cycle. Some develop habits that prevent them growing to their full measure. Others develop anger, low self-esteem or get stuck at a critical level of development. With help they can find an easier path.

Mollie strongly believes in the internal strength and resources of each individual and she facilitates tapping them to initiate growth.

She keeps in the forefront of her mind the inner strengths of her clients. She provides nurturing communication, and teaches them to notice feelings and talents that they may not have noticed before. She facilitates finding a clearer vision to empowerment.

Coaching and Counseling

Dr. Sharkey-Wilmot works from her computer, scanning for emails of concern from clients. She reads each with interest, intuitiveness and feeling and applies her knowledge to the analysis of the problem. She acknowledges receipt of the email. Then begins to break the issue into its parts, dealing with each in turn in line with the client’s needs and resources. She may ask the client further questions via email to clarify some part of the problem. She emails her client back and forth until together they reach a solution. If Mollie feels that a client is not making progress she will let the client know and discuss.

Areas of Interest

Her work includes facilitating clients’ Management of Anger, Development of higher Self-Esteem, Achievement of better relationships, Management of Parenting issues, Achievement of better Conflict Resolution, Definition and Clarification of Clients’ Skills and Goals, Empowerment towards meeting potential.

Dr. Sharkey-Wilmot works with all ages. She is compassionate, warm, nurturing, nonjudgmental and an active listener. She will read and value every word of your email. She will appreciate the way you present your problem and note carefully what you ask in the way of help. She will consider extremely carefully the message before she responds. She may then ask you to clarify some of the points in your email to get a clearer vision of your issues.


Do you have overwhelming days when you don’t know what to do because one of more of your children are being difficult, or unhappy? If so you can email me on parenting issues, child development issues and/or your own issues relating to dealing with your children.

Mollie helps parents with parenting skills, child motivation, goal achievements, limit setting, consequence setting, boundary development and other parenting and child issues.


Do you have low self-esteem through no fault of your own, maybe because you have gone through hard times, a divorce, a bad relationship, a job loss, a foreclosure, an illness, a loss or some other devastating issue? Do not be alone with this pain.

Email me and I will compassionately hear and coach you through it.


Are you having anger management issues, road rage, employer issues, relationship difficulties, money management issues, depression or anxiety or just making the same mistakes over and over? Well don’t be overwhelmed with this bad time in your life.

Email me, I am here waiting to help.

Young People

Are you frustrated by the shortage of employment opportunities in your area? Are you having difficulty with friends? Are you facing challenging times with money management, with dating, with keeping relationships? If you experience any or all of these issues then email and get help.


Mollie works with individuals who may have relationship issues with a partner, a spouse, a child, a parent or with a boss or colleague.

She supports individuals through a bad patch in their lives, perhaps bereavement, divorce, loss of employment, a career change or a stressful life.

She also works with individuals, who may suffer from domestic abuse, low self-esteem, lack motivation to change or those just stuck in a rut and unable to grow and develop.