Mollie writes Irish short stories as well as individualized problem-centered stories for children.

The Lissergool Ghost

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“The Lissergool Ghost” was published in 2005 and is a series of stories set in rural Ireland. Each has a helpful ghost appear to the main character in the story, with an important transforming message at a critical time.

The Roscommon Herald, in Ireland said: “Ghostly stories capture essence of rural Roscommon in 1950s. The book is based on the characters, culture, and memories of her childhood in rural Ireland. The book aims to give future generations something of the romantic past. The supernatural events depicted in the book centre around an old thatched house in Lissergool, Tibohine that was abandoned years ago by an impoverished family. Strange apparitions and inexplicable events occurred which amazed and terrified the local people, who named and feared the occupant of the house “The Lissergool Ghost.” These stories transport the reader to a rather quirky world, full of surprises for both the character and the reader.”

The Union Daily of Nevada City said: “Slightly scary stories for all ages…are narrated by different people who have come in contact with the apparition, and each person reveals the unique guise the ghost appears in. The ghost transmits important messages to each person it contacts…”

The Mysterious Golden Horse

A thrilling and fascinating Irish fable, “The Mysterious Golden Horse” depicts the stories of various residents of a rural Irish community, who experience magical encounters with a supernatural horse.

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Set in an Irish farming community in the 1950s, “The Mysterious Golden Horse” is a journey through time to an eccentric world where the local residents are watched over by a majestic horse with supernatural powers. Appearing on a village road, the mystical horse chooses to reveal itself to various local people at critical times in their lives. Some people are confused and puzzled by the animal’s abilities, while others are relieved of pain and sorrow, more. Families struggling with life’s difficulties are given important messages that lead to positive change. Always proving to be a benevolent and knowledgeable force, the mysterious golden horse is full of revelations for residents young and old. Romance, childhood antics, and misfortune run through this thought-provoking and compelling Irish fable, providing insight into human behavior as seen through the eyes of a mystical power that is comforting to all who encounter it.

Exerpt from The Mysterious Golden Horse

She sat motionless, taken up in the beautiful golden horse. Again, it was black with a shimmering golden glow all over, a long gold tail, and a flowing, full golden mane. it looked with happy, smiling eyes at Eileen. It seemed to say something, but Eileen could not make it out. It lifted a right hoof. It then nodded as it had done to her and Mal.

Eileen bathed in its beauty. She felt uplifted, no longer cold, no longer trapped in a wheelchair. She felt her life and body being raised up in an inexplicable lightness. It was a magnificent feeling of release and delight. She thought she was floating, almost flying, with no pain or anxiety. She said to her friend, Una, “I want to stay here forever. I feel so happy, young and free.”