About Mollie

Mollie is a Retired Licensed Marriage, Child and Family Therapist

Mollie Sharkey-Wilmot, PhD, LMFT


Mollie became interested in helping in her teens. She began on a voluntary basis working with families. She realized early that she was happiest when helping with emotional pain. This led her to the study of Psychology. At age 22 she obtained employment with Mental Health in England where she encountered every type of emotional pain, in a multicultural environment in an wigs for small heads by joom. There was poverty, loneliness, alienation, mental health issues, learning disorders and senile dementia, all covered under the umbrella of Mental Health. She loved the work. It was enlightening and demanding with new challenges every day.

Later Mollie obtained a Masters in Occupational and Industrial Psychology in England and consulted for organizations for a number of years in the 80s.

When she moved to California in the 90s, she obtained a Masters in Counseling Psychology at Santa Clara University and became a Licensed Marriage, Child and Family Therapist. She worked in the Bay area for many years as a psychotherapist in schools, for a clinic as well as in a private practice. Her clients included families, individuals, couples and children with a wide range of issues including mental health issues, parenting issues and relationships. She obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Southern California University for Professional Studies, while working as a psychotherapist and extended her work to eCoaching.

Mollie’s Interests

Mollie loves to hike

Mollie has enjoyed a long marriage, has two sons and six grandchildren. She delights in her grandchildren, doing many interesting things with them including art, cooking, gardening, pond study and others. They are avid learners.

She takes inspiration from hiking in the mountains of California. No height is too great, applying similar energy as she does with her clients.

With her husband she swims, grows fruit and vegetables and cooks the produce. She takes a great interest in her local community and the Homeless. She enjoys local theater, listens and dances to local music. She travels to hike, to visit grandchildren, and to refresh her mind for Coaching and helping others. On trails she finds great ideas for her clients.